Everything may be his sign.

First of all, I don't let him go yet.

It may be too personal to post here but this is my only answer as of the moment when I heard the news. So, please let me (if you agree with me, let us) keep on trying to understand for a moment what he has created under the name of 'CBD Tarot de Marseille', how he has healed people through 'Open Reading' method, and what he did engrave on our mind as the style of attitude, that is, 'Everything is a Sign'.

I have a million things I haven't shared with him but instead, I have to promise with him to stay to be true to 'EVERY SIGN' that will light up our life as like he is with us in quantum way; I believe this is a heart of what he mediated to solve irrational aspects of life that we are suffered from, right now in the absence of him.

In Japanese Buddhism, the soul is staying between here and there, waiting for God's decision just after leaving his life. At every 7th day (7, 14, 21... and 49 at last), he must have an interview with a devil. We must prepare for him with wrapping up his achievement in order to send his soul safely until 49th day.

So in Japanese style... I appreciate anything on him and CBD Tarot de Marseille to cbdtarot@gmail.com for his memorial. Additionally, by the 100th day, we have some time to send him off without holding it in.

11 Dec. 2016